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Upgrading is in the works at these Harvey Norman outlets: Bukit Panjang, Jurong Point and Marine Parade, and many items are on sale at marked-down prices, including display sets.
Now on and while stocks last!

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Harvey Norman Warehouse Clean Up Sale 2010 211x300 Harvey Norman Warehouse Spring Cleaning Sale Warehouse Spring Cleaning!

Its now the pre Chinese New Yr sale. It is good time to get some electronics @ harvey norman! No matter what, lots of stuffs are expected to be on crazy sale so that you can do a make over your home before Chinese New Year. Also to mention, PC, camera and printers are in their spring cleaning list too.

Event Details
Venue: EMS Building 60 Benoi Road (see map)
*It is 5 min walk away from Joo Koon Mrt.
Date: 16th – 17th Jan 2010
Time: 10am to 6pm
Admission is Free

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raffles place mph renovation sale 212x300 MPH Raffles City Renovation SaleUp to 30% Discounts on books!

“Be pleasantly surprised this month”, that’s what MPH is telling you with its renovation sale at their Raffles City branch. Weirdly enough, we thought that branch was quite well furnished already but anyways a renovation sale is a sale worth checking out.
Sale from now till 31st Jan 2010, so don’t miss it!

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Google Nexus One Phone LaunchAnd They Ship Globally!

So the Google phone, Nexus One, has finally made it debut appearance and Google has surprised us by allowing anyone in the world to purchase directly from them. Within a day of launch, thousands of sites have already gotten news and even one has nobly dissected it.

With the iPhone craze just beginning to cool down in Singapore, will the Google phone spark a similar scenario? And how would the rest of the phone manufacturers react, can they quickly innovate out of trouble now?

At US$529 before shipping charges, how would you compare it to iPhone and how much do you want it? Drop us a comment today!

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M1 iPhone Launch PartyAttractive Subscription Plans!

Ooh yeah, and so the battle starts! M1’s iPhone launch is definitely aggressive and if you are a M1 subscriber hoping to get your hands on an iPhone soon, you are in luck.

What’s more, they are even waiving the penalty fee for early re-contracting! Midnight launch party will be held at M1 Paragon, don’t miss it!

Check out M1’s official launch site and their iPhone subscription plans.

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Crocs Hari Raya Sale15% Off On Everything!

Oops, this came a bit too late but still better than never! Crocs is having a Hari Raya Sale till 27th Nov(Fri) and they are giving you a 15% discount on everything in store online.

Do check them out if you are hungry for a pair of Crocs.

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Cafe World Cheats :P For you who love to play Cafe World by Zynga on Facebook, i found a Cafe World cheats :P Yeah just like Restaurant City Cheat just for fun okay :P.

Some programs that you’ll need for Cafe World cheats :
- Cheat Engine 5.5
- Adobe Flash Player 9 or 10

Cafe World Stove Cheats

04 Oct 2009
Step 1 : Open your Cafe World application.
Step 2 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.
Step 3 : On Cafe World, Click customize > Functional > Stoves you should be able to see “4 out of 4 stoves used”. ( you must have 4 stoves used in your cafe )
Step 4 : Scan “4″ after that drag 1 stove into the shop.
Step 5 : Next Scan “3″ after that drag 1 stove into the shop.
Step 6 : Now you will be able to see 3 address so simply double click all the address and change the value to “1″ and TICK freeze.
Step 5 : Right now the quanitity of the stove will be freeze so you will just drag as many stoves out to your cafe as possible.

Credits : infinitehax

Cafe World Speed Cheats

Please Note that Speed Hack Works if you don’t have any dishes cooking on the stove. So it won’t help you to quicken your cooking time !
This Cafe World cheat only only allows you to have your customers eat and pay faster, so you get money at a quicker pace which is good if you had hacked lots of dishes and just want money.

Step 1 : On your Cafe World application.
Step 2 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.
Step 3 : On the right hand side of the Cheat engine simply tick on Speed hack

Step 4 : Enter your desired speed. Do not increase your speed above 30 as it will encounter timeout.
Note : Make sure you have NO dishes cooking or it will be rollbacked. It’s only for fast eating!

Cafe World Duplicate Items Cheats

Step 1 : Open cafe world, then purchase 3 of the item that you want to duplicate. (3 makes it easier, you can buy 2 if you’re poor but takes longer to shorten the amount of addresses)
Step 2 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.
Step 3 : Put all the 3 items in the inventory, so you’ll see a “x3″ on the item you are duplicating.
Step 4 : Scan 3. Put 1 item into shop. Now it’s “x2″. So you scan 2.
Step 5 : Put 1 more item into shop. Now it’s “x1″. So you scan 1.
Step 6 : Now drag the item in shop back into inventory till its “x3″ again.
Step 7 : Repeat step 4-5 till you have only 2 addresses left.
Step 8 : Double click both address so it appears at the bottom panel.
Step 9 : Tick freeze.
Step 10 : Now you can duplicate the items at zero cost. DO NOT SELL THEM, or you will lose everything.
Important: Make sure you have enough coins to duplicate the items. ie: You want to duplicate a $200 item. You will need $600 to buy 3 of this item PLUS another $200 to start the duplication. This additional $200 is NEEDED to duplicate items for free. = $800 is needed to duplicate a $200 item.
Do not blame me if you screw up and have no money left :p Try it with cheap items first.

Cafe World Fast Coins Cheats

1. Open Cafe World.
2. Select brower as process in cheat engine 5.5
3. Tick hex, 8 bytes, Also Scan Read Only Memory
4. Scan “3B840FC98574498B
5. 1 address found. Right click > Disassemble
6. You will see this line “test ecx,ecx”
7. Change it to “test ecx,edx”
8. Now when your customers are eating, it will freeze.
9. Wait for a few minutes and change the line back to “test ecx,ecx”
10. You will notice that your rating and money has increased alot
Note: When the game freezes, your dishes are eaten at a fast speed. This cheat can run for a long time IF you have sufficient dishes on the counter. If a message pops up saying that you’ve lost connection, this means that the dish you’re serving has been depleted OR it could just be zyanga’s server screwing up.
This cheat works best with the infinite stove as you can have thousands of dishes allowing this cheat to run for a long time.

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Web-based productivity suite Zoho has continued to integrate its products with Google in order to make it easier to use Gmail and Zoho apps simultaneously. Last summer, Zoho, a web-based software suite that includes document, project and invoicing management tools, integrated Google and Yahoo sign-ins, allowing users to sign into Zoho using a Google or Yahoo account. And over the summer, Zoho is launched sign-in integration with Google Apps, letting users login to Zoho using their Google Apps credentials. Today, Zoho’s project collaboration product, Zoho Projects, will become an extended application to Google Apps.

Zoho Projects is a team collaboration and project management application that allows teams to plan, track and collaborate on everyday activities and big projects with external customers. With the new integration, Google Apps users can login to Zoho Projects using their Google Apps sign-in info. Users can then upload their documents from Google Docs to Zoho Projects directly. Any tasks, meetings or activities in Zoho Project will automatically bee updated in Google Calendar. And Zoho Projects gadgets can be embedded within Gmail, iGoogle and any other OpenSocial compatible sites.

The integration comes on the heels of the initial roll out of Google’s own all-in-one, futuristic collaboration tool, Google Wave. But despite facing competition from the big guns like Microsoft and Google, Zoho continues to remain as a player in the document management space thanks to continuous innovations and iterations to its products. It’s almost reminiscent of Salesforce.com’s strategy.

In fact, because of this highly competitive landscape, integrations are vital to the software’s success as an application suite. Recently, Zoho launched integration with Microsoft Sharepoint as well as with Microsoft Access. Zoho’s project management application, Zoho Projects 2.0, also added the capability to import existing projects from MS Project, Microsoft’s project management desktop software. And Zoho also launched a forum tool, called Zoho Discussions. It looks like the startup’s strategy is paying off—Zoho has been able to accumulate 2 million users in just 4 years.

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Oh, brother. As we all know so well, the office can be a draining place. But devices such as these could make even the most burnt-out middle manager excited to clock in. The USB PC Prankster looks like a stock flash drive, but as you can clearly see above, a few toggle switches enable it to become quite the headache. Once plugged in, the unlucky PC that it's attached to will have its Caps Lock enabled and disabled at random, see garbled text splattered about quarterly reports and be victim to uncontrollable, erratic cursor movements. Thankfully, the drive will never activate the Enter key nor close or save documents, so you can rest assured that it's all in good fun. Turning your office up on its head costs just £19.99 ($33), but you'll have to wait a tick 'til it comes back in stock.

[Via Switched]

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Confident claims for the ageing game box

With the recent release of Sony’s PS3 Slim (and the absolutely huge sales figures that came with it), everything seems to be coming up roses for the Japanese games giant. It seems Microsoft is well aware that Sony’s downsized console was a winning move, though, as top Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg has gone on record conceding that sales for the month of September will most definitely sway in the PS3’s favour.

- Sony PS3 Slim review

In an interview with Game Informer, Greenberg said: “When NPD releases September sales later today, we fully expect PlayStation 3 will come in as the console with the most units sold for the month. This is frankly not a real surprise.”

However, he then went on to claim that - despite this recent PS3-sales upsurge - Microsoft believes that the Xbox 360 will win out overall: What I can tell you is we remain confident that Xbox 360 will not only outsell PS3 for the full calendar year, but for this entire generation.”

Reeling off the full list of services the 360 provides, including instantly being able to watch HD movies through Xbox LIV (suggesting that such a system is better that the PS3’s Blu-Ray support), it seems that both Greenberg and Microsoft are happy to back the current machine for another few years at least.

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